Digital Divide

Posted by on Jul 27 2008 |

What is the Digital Divide?

The term digital divide refers to the gap between those people with effective access to digital and information technology and those without access to it. It includes the imbalances in physical access to technology as well as the imbalances in resources and skills needed to effectively participate as a digital citizen. In other words, it’s the unequal access by some members of the society to information and communications technology.

How can we help bridge the gap?

Here at Loggers’ Run Middle School, students help bring access to the digital divide through their participation in a program called “Shrinking the Digital Divide.”  This program allows students to build their PC repair and troubleshooting skills through the process of refurbishing computers to donate to needy organizations and individuals in the Palm Beach County community. 

Where do the computers come from?

Every year in Palm Beach County schools, computers are replaced in order to keep the most up-to-date computers in the classrooms.  Many of these computers that are removed are still in excellent working condition and just need some minor upgrades to make them as good as new.


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