Technology Classes

Posted by on Jul 22 2008 |

Loggers’ Run Middle School offers a variety of Technology Courses.

  • Explorations of Communications Technology


  • TV Production – This class is responsible for the production of the daily, schoolwide TV announcements.  In this course, students will learn the skills necessary to successfully produce a television program.  Such skills include, but are not limited to: teamwork, television directing, scriptwriting, video editing, management, public speaking, video camera operation, and screen presence.  Students in the TV Production course will also assist with various school video projects as they arise.  For more information about TV Proudction, email Mr. Goldstein


  • Computer Applications in Business – In this series of courses, students will learn keyboarding skills as well as the Microsoft Office suite. For more information, email Mr. Kirkby


  • Business Systems Technology – For more information, email Mr. Bartkowicz

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